I’m Filip - a curious problem solver and empathetic designer.
It's safe to say I enjoy crafting digital experiences that are located at the intersection of trendy and functional.



Developer turned designer. Coming from a technical background with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science I started my career as a Full-stack developer and quickly moved to Front-end development just to realize that my true passion stands in Digital Design. Ever since then I have worked as a designer on projects, within Design systems, Scalable Design, Responsive Web Design, Mobile Designs, User Research, Testing and Prototyping.

Currently located in Serbia, and available for remote work and relocation.


Human rights fighter

I advocate for the protection and promotion of the fundamental rights and freedom of all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation, race, gender, or religion. I believe that all human beings are entitled to freedom and equality.


Travling as much as I can. I believe that through travel I gain a deeper understanding of the world around me, broaden my horizon and create lasting memories.


Tried CrossFit 3 years ago, and ever since I fell in love with the sport. It is highly taxing, but in order to achieve great things you have to push the boundaries.

Gadgets addict

I watch YouTube reviews on most new gadgets, even if I'll never buy them. It's a sick addiction and my boyfriend hates it!


I am experienced product designer with a broad understanding of the entire design process, from ideation to execution. Having a keen eye for aesthetics, and solid understanding of design principles helps me to craft a beautiful and functional products.

I am skilled in creating design systems that ensure consistency and stability across different platforms that allow seamless user experience for users.

I strive to understand user needs and behaviors allow me to design product that truly resonate with targeted audience.

Until recently, i have worked at Atlon (a small Danish startup) and my responsibilities encompassed the overall product look, feel and experience.

My main goal was to optimize and speed up the feature production and make sure everything is up to standards and runs smoothly.

Before Atlon, I worked at hPage, a small startup developing a no-code website builder. While working as a freelance design consultant, focusing on guiding teams on aesthetics and functionality and how to collaborate with stakeholders and clients creatively.

To keep up with what I’m up to is to follow me on Instagram and Dribbble.